M/S. Bionics Consortium Pvt. Ltd.

Autoclave Sterilizers

M/S. Bionics Consortium Pvt. Ltd. offers advanced autoclave sterilizers for hospitals and laboratories, ensuring efficient sterilization of equipment and instruments, promoting safety, and maintaining high hygiene standards.

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M/S. Bionics Consortium Pvt. Ltd.

Environmental Research

Advancing sustainability through cutting-edge research and innovation. Protecting our planet for future generations through scientific discovery and conservation.

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M/S. Bionics Consortium Pvt. Ltd.

Laboratory Refrigerators

M/S. Bionics Consortium Pvt. Ltd. provides laboratory refrigerators and freezers for pharmacy and medical use, ensuring precise temperature control, safe storage of sensitive materials, and compliance with regulatory standards.

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M/S. Bionics Consortium Pvt. Ltd.

Laboratory Incubators

M/S. Bionics Consortium Pvt. Ltd. offers laboratory incubators for medical applications, ensuring precise temperature and humidity control for optimal growth of cultures, cells, and samples, supporting advanced research and clinical diagnostics.

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Over 35+ Years of Experience

Binonics Consortium Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian-based company that is popular for the manufacturing, supply, and export of laboratory equipment in India and also to other states. We are an ISO 9001:2008-certified company with more than 25 years of experience. As we are most trusted in sectors like medical, industrial, research, and education for different kinds of laboratory equipment. Bionics Consortium tries to provide the highest quality laboratory equipment to our trusted partners for their trust and convenience. We work to our full potential to provide high-quality laboratory equipment and instruments to our clients and our customers at a budget-friendly price.


Founder - Bionics Consortium (P) Ltd.

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We Make Equipment For

Our product range includes equipment for freezing, mixing, crushing, sterilizing, and more to meet the demands of scientists and researchers in both laboratory and field settings. 

Pharmaceutical Research

Advanced tools for drug development and pharmaceutical testing processes.

Biomedical Research

Modern equipment supporting Advanced biomedical research.

Environmental Research

Instruments for analyzing and protecting our natural environment.

Life Science Research

Comprehensive solutions for diverse life science research applications.

Diagnostics & Healthcare

Precision instruments enhancing diagnostics and healthcare solutions.

Food & Beverages

Equipment ensuring safety and quality in food and beverage production.

Industrial Process

Reliable tools optimizing various industrial manufacturing processes.

Schools & Universities

Educational equipment supporting science education and academics.

Autoclave Sterilizers for Hospital & Laboratory

Our Vision

As the most reliable industry for laboratory equipment in various sectors and globally, our field of vision is to be the most trusted, reliable, and leading company for laboratory equipment, acknowledged for its high-quality laboratory equipment and customer support service. Our mission is to set standards of excellence in the production, supply, and maintenance of advanced scientific equipment.

Our Mission

At Bionics Consortium, we are dedicated to providing a helping hand in the advancement of technologies, research, enhancing the industrial sector, and improving healthcare by providing high-quality laboratory equipment. We use modern technologies in the manufacturing process that are up-to-date for smooth functioning and to meet the evolving needs of our global clientele, who rely on us for laboratory equipment.

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